A new accommodation near Ao Manao. Accommodation Klongwan the rooms are clean, spacious, comfortable, affordable.

Facilities in Room
- Air Conditioner
- Water Heater
- Refrigerator
- LED TV / Cable TV
- Electric-kettles
- Balcony
- Free Drinking Water 2 Bottles
- Free WiFi
- Shower Gel, Soap, Shampoo

Resort Facilities
- 24-hour front desk
- Free WiFi
- LED TV / Cable TV
- Car Park
- Free breakfast
We are also offering in our Guest House motorcycles (sidecar) for service . We also offer taxi (TAXI) Motorcycle Sidecar - Transfer to facilitate your travel. Tel Thailand 083-3157956, 083-2954684
We also service total resources available both fresh and dried seafood. Gift from the Sea. From "Je-NOY" distribute souvenir from Klongwan dried squid , maug katoi , dried shrimp, Seer Fish salted , tthread-fin fish, dried fish, Sweet Giant catfish , Sweet Spotted babylon , Pickled Mussels , shrimp paste 100% etc.